How to check your backlinks

First read my post about backlinks and how important are them for a well SE Optimized page.Check your progress on building backlinks is not important from SEO perspective but it`s i good to know the number of your backlinks. Find out the number of your backlinks (or the backlinks od your rivals) using the following free online SEO tools and services:

1. SmartPageRank Backlinks Pagerank Checker
This tool can check the PageRank of your backlinks, the anchor text and if its DO- or No- follow.
This tool is allmost the same as the above one but this will check the PageRank of the Homepage of your backlinks and the number of pages where your backlinks are linking (Outbounding Links)
3. Google Webmaster toolsSign in to your Webmaster account and find the Links to your site page where is a list of your pages. After every page is the number of backlinks it has, click on a number to see the backlinks of that page.
NOTE: Check your backlinks with and without www. With these tools you can check the backlinks of each individual page. Keep building...TIPS: Check the backlinks of your competitors ,try to get link from the same pages as they.

Backlinks , Google Pagerank and SEO

The backlinks are incoming links to your blog.
The google pagerank is the score of your blog.
For a higher pagerank your blog needs to have backlinks. The most important factor isn`t the quantity of backlinks , more important is the pagerank of each backlink. The anchor text is also important, the anchor text is a clickable text ,it`s need to be relevant to your page. As you see in the above picture , the page C has a high pagerank with a single backlink. The page E has a lot of backlinks but with small pageranks. There are 2 type of links: DoFollow and NoFollow links. The NoFollow links have no value in the eyes of search engines, only the DoFollow ones are counted as backlinks.
There are many ways to create backlinks , i will show you some of them: 

1. You can buy the backlinks
There are many backlinks building services, they create backlinks for a fee. This is one of the fastest ways but this isn`t free.2. Comment on other blogs
You can build backlinks by commenting on other blogs. Most blogs have a Name/URL option, put some relevant keywords as name and the adress of your blog as URL or simply leave your link in the text of the comment. Don`t spam , comment something whats relevant to the given post. You can use the Free Fast Blog Finder tool to find high PR blogs.
3. Be active on forums
Most of the forums are allowing signatures , leave your link in your signature. Be active on forums cause every post is a new backlink.
4. Blog directories
Submit your blog to blog directories like DMOZ or Yahoo Directory. You can select from free or payd directories , the result can be the sam at both , but at the paid directories you will be listed more faster.
5. Article Directories
Write quality posts and submit them to article directories like: Ezinearticles and Goarticles

These are the most popular and easiesr ways , but you can find other way too. eg: create a profile on social networks and share your links or use a backlink checker tools to see your competitors backlinks to get ideas.....If you have an idea please feel free to share it in a comment!

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  • The best traffic source are the Search Engines eg: Google , Yahoo , MSN ...seo
To gain traffic from the you need to make a good seo (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Another traffic sources are the blog directorias or social networks eg: DMOZ , Technorati , Twitter directories
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